Outcasting: Fourth Wall

17 Sep 2014

The Outcasting: Fourth Wall festival, O:4W is an artist’s film festival centred on showing art films to a wider public audience. Lasting for a month and taking place at various locations across the city of Cardiff, the art films included in the programme, range from experimental, to documentary, NT’s film Dancing with Monk will be shown at various locations as part of Screening #1 throughout the month of October.

Outcasting: Fourth Wall Artist’s Moving Image Festival, Cardiff [various locations]
25 September - 1 November 2014

Porter’s Bar Cinema
Screening #1
Harlech Court, Bute Terrace, Cardiff, CF10 2FE
25 September - 27 September 2014, 4-7pm

Screening #1
6 - 7 St. Davids House, Wood Street, Cardiff, CF10 1ER
3 October - 4 October 2014, 12-6pm

Spit & Sawdust
Screening #1 [Cinetruck]
Unit B, Rhymney River Bridge Road, Cardiff, CF23 9AF
10 October - 11 October 2014, 12-6pm

Screening #1
University of South Wales, Adam Street, Cardiff, CF24 2FN
27 October - 29 October 2014, 1-3:30pm

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