This has Nothing to do with Politics

17 Nov 2014

NT will be exhibiting new work at ‘This has Nothing to do with Politics’ at the The Function Room.

The exhibition brings together artists who are alert to and informed by social and political interest, and yet whose works occupy a distance to politics. The show explores this gap and asks if this ambivalence is a politically productive one and whether this dissociation in itself could be a form of resistance to the limitations of how one can be politically engaged today. Taking Berardi’s notion of ‘withdrawal’ or to resist ‘with a relaxed soul’, the exhibition also draws a connection between artists’ dispassion towards politics and the general disaffection with politics today. It prompts a number of questions around the idea of ‘inactivism’.

artists include: Cordelia Cembrowicz Chris Paul Daniels Ana Fernández Aballí-Altamirano Ella Finer Rose Gibbs Marlene Haring Olivia Hicks Noga Inbar Virgile Ittah Vesta Kroese Ratna Lachman Ekua McMorris Oscar Murillo PA Skantze Jack Tan Nicola Thomas Geoff Tibbs Richard Wentworth

The Function Room [above The Cock Tavern pub]
23 Phoenix Road, London NW1 1HB

27 November - 30 November 2014, 12 - 6pm

Visual/Performance Debate: 6 - 8pm, Thursday 27 November 2014
Performance Evening: 6 - 8pm, Friday 28 November 2014
Roundtable [by invitation]: 4 - 6pm, Saturday 29 November 2014