the look series

The ‘black on black’ series of prints are an investigation into the ideas of courting the gaze: the gaze of the cinema viewer with regards to the movie actress; and that of the viewer with regards to the work of art. There is also the idea that with the passing of time histories fade and re-emerge as with fame and celebrity. Each printed image is difficult to view, indicative of the intensity of a gaze that with the passing of time has dissipated along with their fame; the recognition of their face; and the knowledge of their name.

The prints are a trace of what once was. A ghost of a memory which is in the process of fading or resurfacing, and as mysterious and knowable as the persona of the movie star presented to the movie viewer. There is the direct gaze of the actresses in the image: the confrontational gaze of the actresses shown. They meet your eyes, they look at you looking at them, and you as a viewer cannot help but look back.